Mona Das is a powerful force for environmental justice, racial equity, housing affordability, and economic fairness in Washington. Born to Indian parents who immigrated to the United States when she was 8 months old and only six dollars in their pockets, Das’s lived experience drives her to dismantle barriers for marginalized people in every aspect of her work and life. Driven by a strong public service ethic and desire to create an equitable and sustainable society, Das ran for State Senate in 2018, and against all odds, WON!  

Through her successful campaign and election for Washington State Senate, Mona Das experienced first-hand what it’s like to be a marginalized voice shouting to be heard in the echo-chamber of the traditional, political elite. Along her journey, she met a handful of other courageous BIPOC women who, like her, were challenging the status quo. Thus in 2022, she decided not to run for office as she felt called to create greater change from outside of the system. Bad Ass Women Doing Kick Ass Shit (BAWDKAS) was born as a coming together of these women to share their unique, but similar, narratives. The film has won numerous awards including two Telly Awards, an Impact Docs Award, and an award from the Accolade Global Film Competition.

Mona has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, an MBA in sustainable business and attended the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University. For the last 20 years, she has owned and operated MOXY Money LLC, which consults on fundraising techniques, regardless of whether you’re a non-profit, first time candidate or experienced elected official.

As a Washington State Senator, Das was a leader in environmental policy, affordable housing, community building, and equitable representation movements. One of her biggest successes during her term as State Senator was championing and passing Senate Bill 5022, which bans the manufacture, sale and distribution of certain expanded polystyrene products and single-use plastics in Washington state. Not surprisingly, Das loves spending time outdoors and traveling, having visited 37 countries. Most of all, she is a proud auntie to two nephews.

How to Have FUNdraising!

Excited, thrilled and PROUD to announce… I’ve put my signature fundraising class ON-LINE!!!

I’ve taught THOUSANDS of candidates and non-profit leaders how to ‘Put the FUN back into FUNdraising’ and I’ve put all my best tips, strategies and advice into this course.

My goal is to help you hate fundraising a little bit less!

You should buy this course if you:

⭐️ Hate or fear fundraising
⭐️ Are running for office or thinking of running for office.
⭐️ The thought of asking people for money makes you sweat, cringe or throw-up
⭐️ Want to call with confidence
⭐️ Want to call with purpose
⭐️ Are nervous about asking for money
⭐️ Want tips to maximize your ‘call time’
⭐️ Hired a fundraiser who gave you call sheets and phone numbers, but didn’t teach you what to ACTUALLY say when someone answered the phone
⭐️ Need to raise money for a non-profit
⭐️ Want to UP your fundraising skills

The course includes:

⭐️ Over 7 hours of material including detailed how-to videos about who to call, what to say, and how to leverage your social media accounts

⭐️ A companion workbook that helps you do the deep digging necessary for compelling speaking

⭐️ Exercises to help you overcome your fears around fundraising and build systems for success

⭐️ All my tips for canvassing including: door knocking, a step-by-step training video, what to bring with you to keep you prepared, comfortable, hydrated and SAFE on the campaign trail

“Before I started working with Senator Das, fundraising was one of my least favorite things to do when it came to running my campaign. Thanks to her innovative ways to raise money while running for office, I’ve had so much fun and have made so much money fundraising, that I now feel confident in an area that previously intimidated me. And her tips WORK! With the strategies Senator Das provides, the course is not only an investment in your campaign – it pays for itself immediately with the money you’ll raise. I highly recommend it!”
Her strategies WORK! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Michele Hill-Davis – NY – Supermajority Coach, The Campaign School at Yale – 2021, Candidate for office, Former presidential delegate & Field Director for Vote Blue
“Prepared to be dazzled and well prepared by Mona Das and her unique and effective fundraising strategies! Mona will banish your fears and skew you for success. She is one of our TCSYale Rockstar alums.”​
Be dazzled. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Patricia Russo – Executive Director, The Campaign School at Yale
“Mona Das is a fundraising beast! Her creative, supportive, and upbeat educational style ensures an awesome experience for anyone who wants to learn to become a more effective fundraiser.”​
She’s a beast! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Brandy Donaghy – Washington State Representative

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